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FOX News
Apr 14, 2013 12:00am PDT
mike huckabee and thank you for joining us for a special on obama care. we are delighted to have you here f. you are an employer, you probably have been turned every which way or trying to figure out obama care. if you are a medical provider you are spending less time practicing medicine but spending more time digging through the obama care and all of the rules that members of congress didn't dig through or redread. when nancy people peel said >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. >> mike: yeah. well, it did pass and the extreme court invented an excuse to keep it by call a tax. we are turning out it was worse than finding a fly in the soup. it is like finding a soup in your flyings. even jay rockfeller one . sponsors of obama care quoted in a rare moment of candor when he said this. the law is so complicated and if it is not done right the first time, it is just going to get worse. toup this worse, it is beyond comprehension. invite senator rockfeller to come on the program and he decollide. but we got in statement. he is strong in his belief that the l
Apr 11, 2013 4:00pm PDT
read you president obama's quote here, so you get a contrast between the n.r.a. and president obama: cenk: so, joe let me start with you on this one. it looks like president obama as usual says ok, it's incredibly weak and watered down, but i'll take it. later on, he seemed to say that he would champion it whereas the n.r.a. says great, we got you to water it down completely, we till won't take it. isn't this a microcosm of what's been happening between conservatives and progressives for at least the last 12 years? >> well, and even more acutely over the last four to eight years, or four to six years so far, because every time a compromise gets proposed that would move legislation forward to actually what the people want, not so much what democrats or progressives want, but what the people want, it seems the forces on the right manage to throw sand in the gears, water things down, monkey it up and what we're left with is not even half a loaf. at this point i guess president obama is reading the handwriting on the wall in that this is probably a lot further than many people expected
Apr 17, 2013 11:35pm PDT
estados unidos barack obama y michelle obama vendran a un servicio religioso para todo publico, se advierte que medidas de seguridad, dicen que vengan a las 8, son tres horas por lo menos de seguridad. >> al aspecto mas practico, el irs dice que las personas que se vieron afectadas se les perdona tres meses de impuesto, mañana desde temprano en despierta américa tendremos detalles y de los servicios de boston, regresamos. >> gracias, el otro hecho que conmueve es un envío de cartas con sustancia venenos a un senador y a un juez, atraparon a paul kevin que envío ricina en el servicio postal, las tres cartas tenían el mismo mensaje. >> con gran enojo en su rostro el presidente barack obama hablo después de que rechazan la extension de revision de antecedentes para quienes compren armas, el presidente de los estados unidos barack obama dice que el día de hoy es vergonzoso para washington. >> puede ver las peores masacres en univisió >> una mujer ayudo a condenar a l espos de una mujer que robo pantallas, tenia asesinato en primer grado, el esposo nego estar relacionado
FOX News
Apr 13, 2013 11:00am PDT
>> this week on the journal editorial report. president obama releases his budget, pitching it as a peace offering to republicans. as closer look ago the details suggests there's plenty more conflict ahead. plus, the senate moves forward on gun control legislation, but is the bill they're looking at really what the president wanted? and could some red state democrats wind up paying with their political lives. and beyonce and jay-z's cuba trip sparked outrage. other celebrities have done it, so what's the big deal? >> for years, the debate in this town has raged between reducing our deficits at all costs and making investments that start to grow our economy. this budget answers that argument because we can do both. >> welcome to "the journal editorial report," i'm stuart varney if this week for paul gigot. at long last, president obama released his budget for 2014 this week, calling it a fiscally responsible blueprint for middle class jobs and growth. and pitching it as a peace offering to republicans. but after looking at the details, shouldn't we be hoping for gridlock? dan
Apr 17, 2013 6:30pm PDT
de fuego, el presidente barack obama dice que es una vergüenza que los senadores se opongan a algo que quiere el 90% de la gente. >>> no hay arrestados después de la tragedia de la maratón de boston. >>>e nvian a la casa blanca una carta con veneno, pero el presidente nunca abrió esa carta. >>> y el tribunal supremo de venezuela se niega al reconteo de votgos y la policía arresta a decdenas, comenzamos ♪. >>> este es su noticiero univisión con jorge ramos y maría elena salinas >>> muy buenas tardes, no bastaron las masacres y tampoco las emotivas reacciones de familiares de víctimas, el senado reprobó un proyecto de ley para la compra de armas de asalto, la medida era modesta pero aún así los senadores republicanos votaron en contra, junto con 4 demócratas, desde washington vilma tarazona tiene la información. >>> ni las recurrentes masacres ni los ruegos de los padres que perdieron sus hijos en la escuela primaria sandy hook, ni tampoco la campaña del presidente barack obama, impidieron que el senado no aprobara la propuesta de ley para el control de armas, con el f
Apr 17, 2013 8:00am PDT
. a letter addressed to president obama contained a suspicious substance. they routinely identify parcels that need secondary testing. yesterday,e oe eor wicker received a letter that was laced with what they believe to be ricin. let's head to washington now and check in with brianna keilar. >> reporter: it's not confirmed at this time that that suspicious substance is ricin, but considering the news, it would very much make you wonder if it is not a suspicious substance. the way the white house gets their mail is similar to the way the members of congress get their mail especially in the wake of september 11. that mail goes to a offsite facility. anything suspicious is to be picked up well outside of the white house before anything would ever come into the white house grounds. so this happened on tuesday we're told, a letter addressed to president obama was received. so they routinely get this kind of mail, they go through screening, scientific testing, and there it was picked up. at this point, the secret service, carol, is working with the capital police and the fbi in this investigati
FOX News
Apr 14, 2013 9:00pm PDT
to tell you how data mining experts working for president obama's campaign drilled into that information as part of an unprecedented get out the vote effort in 2012. did your tv remote help reelect the president? stay tuned. netflix analyzes when you pause, rewind, fast forward or dump out of a show early. in fact netflix used this data to help develop the much talked about original hit series "house of cards." frank ahern says something similar is happening with my kindle. i do more and more of my reading on it, books and the daily papers, too. >> from what i understand some of these e reareds are reporting back to the company how quickly i am reading a book the words i am highlighting the sentences i am under lining. >> this is a prime example of what's next you buy ak on-line you find out wow they are tracking me. >> so i have already left a fairly substantial digital trail so far i barely even left the house. i am going to run errands and see what other bread crumbs i dropped. >> ahern points out my gps tracks wherever i go. that's not all. the national highway traffic safety adminis
FOX News
Apr 11, 2013 1:00am PDT
the tide roll away >> bill: while president obama's parties hardy at the white house on the taxpayer's dime. his new budget out today wants to raise spending next year by $170 billion. we'll have analysis on both stories. >> if i wasn't doing what i was doing now, i would love to be like a crime scene investigator. >> really? >> i love law, too. >> kim kardashian. disease, jamie foxx and will smith just just a futurecast celebrities asking president obama to soften drug laws in the u.s.a. [coughing] >> do these people know what they are talking about? no, they don't. and we will prove it tonight. also ahead, dennis miller on a man who wins a million-dollar lawsuit because is he afraid of frogs. and megyn kelly on california once again attacking the boy scouts. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we will have the latest on president obama's new budget proposal which is pretty scary in a moment. first, the talking points memo. have illegal drugs harmed your family? according to the u.s. depart
FOX News
Apr 10, 2013 9:00pm PDT
. and finally, president obama has put forth his budget proposal. i will be joined by the gop whip. but let me get into the details. earlier today the $3.8 trillion plan was unveiled, immediately proving he has no intention of ever getting washington's fiscal house in order. instead he's willing to reach deeper into the pockets of you, the hardworking taxpayers in this country. watch this. >> here's a clear and unassailable fact. our deficits are already falling. over the past two years i have signed legislation that will reduce our deficits by more than $2.5 trillion. more than two-thirds of it through spending cuts and the rest through asking the rest of americans to be paying their fair share. that doesn't mean we don't have more work to do, but here's how we finish the job. my budget will reduce our deficits by nearly another $2 trillion so that all tolled, we will have southern passed the goal of $4 trillion in deficit reduction that independent economists believe with we need to stabilize our finances. >> where does he come up with these numbers? by the way, did you notice fair share aga
Apr 15, 2013 9:00am PDT
and support the reform that we're proposing, president obama will do for all undocumented immigrants, what he did for the dreamers before the election, and thatç is to unilaterally give them some sort of legal status. and basically frighten republicans into thinking this is our bite at the apple to get something in return. to get tougher border security or what have you. that's another factor in the, in the debate as it's going to play out. >> and let's don't forget. the people who are going to end up passing this, as they so often do, are the house democrats. >> sure. >> because you're going to lose some hard-core republicans. if boehner's right to take it up. you guys have a huge role here in terms of insuring it's not watered down or that the bill is as broad-minded in terms of reform as progressives hope it is. >> no, that's right. and if you look at the other big bills that have been passed, the debt ceiling extension, sandy relief or violence against women act, it was about 25% to 40% of the republican caucus and then overwhelming number of democrats who passed those pieces of legisla
Apr 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. >> horas antes el presidente barack obama hablo con conferencia de prensa y dijo que se haría todo lo posible por solucionar. >> el presidente barack obama fue avisado solo a diez minutos de lo ocurrido por el director del fbi robert mueller y secretaria de estado janet napolitano dio orden de aumentar la seguridad en el pis. >> país. llegaremos al fin de esto y aunque el presidente barack obama no hablo de atentado terrorista la casa blanca más adelante comento que se trataría como ta.(todos hablan al mismo tiempo): >> en la casa blanca se cerro la avenida pensilvania y en el capitolio el presidente pidió un minuto de silencio por las víctimas . fernando pizarro univision. >> el 15% de encuestados ha pensado que podría verse involucrados ante un atentado terrorista contra el 10% que pensó que se vería en un acto de violencia. >> los estados unidos piensan que el gobierno hace un trabajo adecuado por la seguridad. >> beatriz ferrari nos cuenta que se vivió entre los aficionados del baseball y basquetball en oakland-. >> esta chica vino a ver a su equipo aunque su padre le dec
Apr 18, 2013 5:00am PDT
a half hour, first lady obama and president barack obama will be going to the area. coming up, the action president barack obama took last night to help with the relief efforts in boston. >>> here is more on what is going none san francisco, is that the bomb scare? is it going to affect traffic? >> yes, and i spoke to muni and bart, they are running and getting through. some of those exits are closed. if you want to be safe just go to powell or embarcadero instead but they are running. we are off to a steady and slow start and traffic is moving along well so far coming to the bay bridge toll plaza -- plaza and there are no troubles getting into san francisco. also 580 westbound to caster moore -- to livermore and caster valley, i just heard they are reopening the area, are they going to start reopening market street? that is the latest we just heard coming up. >>> and we have lows running 5 to 10 degrees cooler and all of the observations are coming up coming up and things are a lot quieter windwise. fog might come back into the picture friday and saturday. early next week it is looking w
Apr 15, 2013 12:00am PDT
and afghanistan. the other wars, the secret wars, shoulddow wars, continued under obama and in fact escalated. he's embraced them. escalation of drone strikes in pakistan. we've seen strikes in yemen, in africa. we've seen drone bases built in like nijar so it's the secret wars that the c.i.a. takes control of. chris: he's not squeamish, is he? sweemish on these issues but how long can he keep them secret because there's membersng pressure from of congress -- republicans like rand paul, and democrats -- to become more transparent, to make sure americans know more about this stuff. a reporter how little actually even members of the intelligence committee secrety know about these legal opinions that have allowed wars. chris: name of your book? >> "the way of the night, the the wars at the ends of the earth." chris: how does a republican of congress break the deal they have with the middle ofss and upper middle class no new taxes? >> extraordinarily difficult. raise taxes?to absolutely not. would they get there through tax reform? would they get there through changes to the programs they say would p
Apr 11, 2013 2:00pm PDT
, sir. >>> coming up, president obama's sister soldier moment some are calling. he's doing what a leader does, actually telling his side they're going to have to give a little. in this case, that means telling democrats they're going to have to make concessions on programs like social security and medicaid. my question, are republicans ready to seize the moment? or are they simply going to rely on cheap shots like saying as one did yesterday, the proposal is a shocking attack on seniors? >>> also, president obama has already ended two wars, passed health care, and helped lead the way on gay rights. if he can match those first-term successes with progress on guns, on immigration, and on a grand bargain on government costs, we could be looking at a transformational president. >>> and tonight, we've got the woman with perhaps the least enviable job in america, the democrat running against chris christie. that's going to be interesting. >>> and republican joe barton's logic against climate change. he said we had the great flood back in the bible and that was climate change and it sure wasn't
Apr 14, 2013 6:30pm EDT
and our students each lunch together and it happens every day. >> i thought president obama said something perfect the other day, he said our country has been in turmoil throughout its history but we as a people have always found a way to get through it, and i'm not saying i'm not worried about the future and we don't have problems to fix, but i look around this room, see 103 minds who want to make a stkeufs for this -- difference for this country, want to do good and i know there are plenty of people that are our age that want to make a difference and do good, so i think we will be able to involve the problems we face each day. >> each year students meet in washington as part of the senate youth program, this year they met with leaders from all three branches of government, including president obama, justice kagan and senator burr. hear their insights tonight at 8:00 on c-span's q & a. >> we are joined by armstrong williams, radio host, talk show host and columnist. welcome. >> good morning. >> i want to talk about the gop, particularly its outreach efforts to minorities. what do you thin
Apr 14, 2013 4:00pm PDT
is the impact of president obama's new budget proposal? joining me now to talk about all of that, shawn matthews, the ceo of cantor fitzgerald, and david walker's comeback america initiative founder and ceo. thank you both. it's great to be with you today. shawn, pretty hot stuff. dow, s&p 500 hitting all-time highs again this week. it just keeps wan wanting to go higher. what do you think is behind it? >> relative value based equities. you have a fixed complex where treasures are trading below 2%, and money has to find returns at this point in time. 10 certainly everyone is looking at it from the standpoint of equities on a relative value basis are cheap and they're going to continue to put their money there. we may get a cyclical nature in how the money is going to go in and out of the equity market. in general people want to put their money in equity. >> we all know this is largely being fueled by the federal reserve, right? because there are just no alternatives to stocks when people are looking for yield. so it doesn't matter that the economy is just so-so? >> well, you have balance sheets
Apr 10, 2013 10:00pm PDT
's the bottom line. >> there's the right time cue. barack obama is a fairly modern man with a very old fashioned idea. now what if i invite them to dinner. that's his idea. what if we sit down socially in a very relaxed way, talk business, the business of governing the united states of america. that sort of thing used to actually work wonders in washington. i'm going to tell you the absolutely fascinating story later in it program, fascinating to me anyway, about how the most important social program in america became the law of the land, thanks to a chance conversation at a washington tea party back when they had tea parties. a tea party in a supreme court justice's home. there used to be a social circuit in washington, regular dinner parties. if you go back far enough, afternoon tea parties, where democrats and republicans routinely ran into each other, became more friendly, earned each other's trust, found common ground, room to compromise, got things done. president obama on his own is trying to recreate that world one dinner at a time. tonight he served dinner at the white house for 12 repu
Apr 14, 2013 11:00pm PDT
the obama administration has given up. guards fired on saturday after they refused being led into single cells. lawyers say most of the detainees have been on hunger strike since february. an assistant public defender is representing a 11 detainees. he says the military who's handling of the situation is making things worse. not causeid there was to break the strike. they said some individuals might not continue to break the .trike let me tell you and i have been there twice. they plan to strike longer and harder. the military has gone in the opposite direction. ist is happening desperation. it is because president obama and his administration has abandoned guantanamo bay. there is no better way to put it. president obama said offhandedly he is still committed to closing guantanamo, but no one is doing the work. you have innocent man stock for 11 years, 86 of them promise to release by administrations, and they are dying. they are not going to die quietly. the military could end the strike by allowing the men to voluntarily surrender the koran. they are begging to take the step to end th
FOX Business
Apr 13, 2013 10:00am EDT
control, and the president's budget. president obama delivering his budget proposal two months late. and neither democrats nor republicans seem to like it. republicans won't be having any of mr. obama's tax hikes and higher spending and democratsup set the president wants smaller increases in payments to retireees. his $3.7 trillion proposal amounts to the largest budget in miles per hour history. it doesn't come close to balancing. deficits in perpetuity. the president looking for easy within on gun control and has be pushing hard for krong to produce. the first major gun control legislation in two decades. but it's up clear what they can get through congress. they have a limit on magazine capacity have no chance of passage. the rest is purely window dressing on an issue that the country takes far more seriously than the president originally estimated. we will take it up tonight with senator ted cruz who emerged on the first year in washington as up with of his party's national leaders. the head of the national rifle association wayne lapierre joins us as well. other stories we're
FOX Business
Apr 14, 2013 2:00am EDT
have had huge increase of taxes under president obama . that's why the companies are not investing. they are increasing productivity and one of the reasons stock prices went up. take home pay is not increasing and this the worst recovery since the depression. >> you know, mike has noted obama care to float on the launch pad. we don't know if that is going to happen. >> we do talk about mrs. thatcher, but conservatives talk about how she turned around the british economy. it took 15 years. 15 years . barack obama was condemned after a year and a half. >> and reagan's worked it took 15 years and george w policy work? >> no, if we use the same logic that the conservatives are applying to mrs. thatcher and will not give to president obama. >> we have to leave it there. marget thatcher is coming up on the next block. america is celebrating equal pay days for women this week. but did margaret thatcher show us why merit pay would put more money in women's pockets? we'll be back at 1:00 p.m. eastern only on fox. >> elizabeth: welcome back. lawmakers pushing for equal pay for women. it is h
FOX Business
Apr 14, 2013 2:30am EDT
and does nothing to keep our country safer. >> eric: julie pick up on that . obama care for guns and a 10,000 fine if you don't have liability. will this keep america safer. >> background checkings yes. the virginia gunman was able to go on line. he hopefully, i hope not have gotten the gun. >> eric: you don't need a background check. >> i don't get one or at gun shows. >> eric: you have to pick it up from a dealer. >> you go to a gun show. >> eric: you don't there as well >> there is a gun show. >> eric: most states you are going to have to do that. >> there is loop holings. >> eric: one issue, if i tomit give my gun to the child do i have to background check my own kid? >> that is a little nuts, you knoweric. the whole thing is ridiculous. even if you stopped it and say we are going to stop gun wherever. a kid that had a knife and carved up in the middle east they use bombs. crazy people are going to do whatever they want to . alm . regulation is foolish and here you have for example, eric holder who is leading, i mean he is the attorney general of the united states and pushed fast and
FOX News
Apr 11, 2013 6:00pm PDT
point. >> sean: obama didn't do anything the first term if she was sthiswas so important. chicago has been going through incredible gun violence. he's only doing what he thinks is politically viable, just like gay marriage, he's for it, against it, neutral, now he's for it. >> right. well, they're cocky these liberals right now, which is why i was so heartened by liberals secretly taping senator mitch mcconnell. maybe they're worried. he's going to get re-elected. >> sean: and ashley judd. >> this compromise bill, where they tell us what it's going to do, but won't let us read the bill, this fake poll about 90% supporting these idiotic counterproductive gun proposals of the democrats that will make it more difficult for the law-abiding protecting the innocent to get guns. i mean, where is that poll? can we see that poll? they lie to people in polls. a universal background checks, 40% of guns aren't subject to a background check. that is a lie, said to be a lie by "the washington post." all guns sold by a licensed gun dealer, including guns at gun shows, more than 90% of guns at gun sh
FOX News
Apr 17, 2013 1:00am PDT
of all, last night in my analysis, i had no beef with president obama not mentioning the word of terrorism. i said, no, he has to wait until he sees the evidence before he defines it in any way. we know it is terrorism now and president said it's terrorism. i also said he used the word tragedy in a wrong way because it's much more than a tragedy. do you agree with that? >> i agree entirely. obama is not the first to use tragedy in describing events like this. a bus accident is a tragedy and attack is an act of war. when fdr addressed the congress after pearl harbor, he didn't say december 7th, a day that will live in tragedy, it is a day that will live in infamy. it has to do with agency and cause. an accident is a tragedy and it has a cause and has to do with fate, accident, luck. when the agency is human evil that is beyond a tragedy. it's a crime. that is what we're dealing with. i agree it's a little early. it was obvious an attack. to call it terrorism you had to be sure that the motive was a political one. remember what happened in the tucson shooting where a member of c
Apr 17, 2013 5:35am PDT
que obama piensa visitar esa ciudad. y que se espera un ambiente familiar. >>> recalcar la confeesie de estos artefactos, hablamos de olla de presiÓn en mochilas de nairon neelaboradas? >>> y las fotografÍas muestran la olla de presiÓn en el que una de estas bombas estaba dentro gy esta bomba estaba en una bolsa de nailon negro. y tambiÉn esa fotografÍa te puede dar una idea de donde estaba colocada. lo que no sabemos es>>> muchas gracias, blanca. y no sÓlo la manera quesre sce elaboraron las bambastantes es y tambiÉn el ptto en el que fueron deto detonupdvf y brf y donde se tratan poco mÁs de infray una de las redes enfrenta la mÁs dura prueba, centros mÉdicos atendieron a mÁs de 180 personas, las vÍctimas tienen entre 3 y 65 aÑos, y presentan heridas de cortadas simples hasta amputaciÓn de una o mÁs extremidades. >>> la mayorÍa tiene familiares y seres queridos. por lo que parecen manejar bien esto. >>> el hospital general de massachusetts recibiÓ gran parte. esta noche estÁ resguardada por elementos de la policÍa de boston fuertemente armados. >>> estuvimos extr
Apr 17, 2013 8:00am PDT
marathon. all of this as president obama gets ready to comfort the victims in that city tomorrow. these are new images in to us from reuters appearing to show a circuit board, timers and other parts of the devices as well. authorities believe each bomb may have weigh ed about 20 pounds. they were packed with nails and ball bearings as well. the fbi says it's found the mangled remains of what appears to be a pressure cooker in a black nylon back that possibly held the bombs. the fbi is also examining photos like this one where you can see what looks like a trash bag next to a mailbox. that same shot just moments after shows a devastating scene. invest garretigators are lookin whether the devices were put in trash bags to hide them. meantime, they continue to ask the public for help in the form of pictures, videos and tips. >> the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative. someone knows who did this. >> former mayor rudy giuliani in office during the 9/11 attacks weighed in on "morning joe," saying people need to give investigators more time to come u
Apr 18, 2013 6:00am PDT
the day yesterday but for some reason all of those briefings were canceled. >>> president barack obama will travel to boston to take part in a prayer service in honor of those who died in the boston bombings. this is where president barack obama and first lady michelle obama will board air force one and head for boston. we want to show you what president barack obama did to head relief efforts in boston. >>> and they are leading to tighter security particularly at sporting events throughout the country and police will be out in force at the shark tank. janine de la vega is here to tell us more. >> reporter: they are honoring people who died and they will honor them when sharks take on minnesota. there will be an increase in police looking for suspicious activity and canine units will be doing a bomb sweet before the game. -- bomb sweeps before the game. this morning shark's fans say they welcome the increased patrol. >> i think it is a good thing and the more they do it, the less likely they are to do thing. >> a lot of people are saying, there is no way to get caught why not do it. >>
Apr 15, 2013 6:30pm EDT
, como bien dijo el presidente obama, hace algunos minutos. no se sabe nada de nada, con respecto a quien fue la mano me gra que llevÓ a cabo estos atenta atentados, no se sabe que lo provocÓ. y van a dar con los responsables. >>> como dijo el presidente citando textualmente. no sabÍamos quien lo hizo o por quÉ, pero lo vamos a saber. glory. >>> muchas gracias josÉ, como bien dijiste, hace algunos momentos el presidente barack obama saliÓ a la sala de prensa de la casa blanca. donde hablÓ de lo que habÍa ocurrido que se le habÍa informado a Él, diciendo que no podÍamos llegar a conclusiones prematuras, y que todavÍa se estaba investigando, sin embargo, reiterÓ que todos los recursos federales estÁn a la disposiciÓn del alcalde de boston y el gobernador de massachusetts, el presidente barack obama habla con los lÍderes del congreso, con harry reed, nancy pelossi. lo que ha ocurrido, se ha incrementado la seguridad en varios edificios federales, conocidos, como por ejemplo el pentÁgono, la casa blanca y detrÁs de mÍ en el capitolio, adonde en unos minutos veremos, josÉ,
Apr 18, 2013 4:00am PDT
in an interfaith service here in boston. president obama will be in attendance along with many others including mitt romney, former governor of massachusetts. cnn will bring you that service live. >> here in boston, many of the people who came here just for the marathon have not left. there is a sense of connection here now to what's going on. some of it is waiting to see what happens, if there's a discovery. but it's now just feeling the sense of moving on and being here together. susan candiotti has seen the pictures of the two men. she joins us now. susan, what do these images show to your eye? >> well, very interesting because, of course, they're standing in a huge crowd of people. and you've got two men who are standing there as described to us also by investigators, the reason they're interested is because it's near the finish line around where all those flags are that you've been seeing time and again right near the finish line. and what's pieeking the interes among other things is that they're carrying bags with them. one of them is a dark colored backpack and another one appears to be
Apr 14, 2013 11:00pm EDT
it is a nasa and administrator, or president obama, and understand who they are in a personal sense, and also understanding what they do. >> this is a united states senate youth program sponsored by a famous magazine and newspaper company. what has been the most exciting thing for you? >> yesterday, meeting president obama. when he walked into the room, the energy and excitement and his power was palpable. you could feel it and see it and everyone's eyes. we were worried we would pass out. was amazing. >> what about you? >> president obama is hard to top. also, some of the senators we saw. they were fantastic. obama was definitely number 1. >> one more question of you two and we will go to some of the rest. how were you picked to come here? >> from your state, you would start out with a basic essay. you fill out an application process, your credentials, resume, and letters. then they deliver it and pick winners. >> my application required a eries of essays, teacher recommendations, and an interview in the capital. then they made the selection in arly november. >> there is another question you
Apr 11, 2013 3:00pm PDT
is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> michael: despite president obama's best efforts at avoiding turning washington into ""fight club"" today house speaker john boehner just violated the clubs first rule, you don't talk about the "fight club." he broked the rule. how many are tired of the shadow boxing and want president obama to join boehner's fight clock. war room favorite michael tomasky he will gently wrote i want to see the president who turns the tables on these jokers and uses his remaining time not aiming to meet a group of maniacs halfway but trying to reframe these conversations interly for the sake of his legacy and for the sake of future presidents and battles. so well said. lucky for us michael tomasky does join us to talk about "fight club." welcome back inside "the war room"." >> pleasure, thanks. >> michael: we didn't hear from the speaker but you know what happened. last night president obama hosted 12 republican dinnerses for a steak dinner at the white house. how much more of the niceties are you going to be able to stomach? >> i'm go
FOX News
Apr 11, 2013 11:00pm PDT
and apparently, neither democrats nor republicans are happy with this. and obama said yes. that is how you know it's good. >> see you tonight. >> hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle and dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and we're the third prime number. >> california republicans i just showed you 30% of registration in the state because they are really stupid and racist. >> 82% white. the republican party as i say in california all the time on the record in print and on radio and on tv is the last vestige of any angry old white people and that's what it is. >> the radical professor pinko for short. only come out when it's safe. meek students on comfy campuses dissent intimidation and threat of bad grades. do you think this guy is unique at columbia or berkeley he would be considered a right winger. i credit the young student who caught the progressive parrot on tape at its poly polywhs class. take another look at what passes for incident logical rigor. >> a person is less likely to change his mind about anything is an old white guy. old wh
FOX News
Apr 14, 2013 7:00pm PDT
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Apr 17, 2013 1:00pm PDT
addressed to president obama field tested positive for ricin poison. the day after a letter was also sent to senator roger wicker also tested positive for the same substance. >>> we begin with new information about the deadly bombing at the boston marathon. as the president and first lady prepare to travel to boston on thursday. after much speculation this afternoon, the fbi has releasted a statement. they say, quote, contrary to widespread reporting, there have been no arrests made in connection with the boston marathon attack. we do know investigators have identified solid leads from video evidence, including images of a person or persons carrying and dropping bags at the bombing scene. now, these pictures from whdh show a bag near a trash can at the blast site. just one part of the key evidence that investigators are pursuing to try to find the perpetrators. right now, there are conflicting reports as to how close they are to identifying any individuals. we expect more at an fbi briefing within the next hour. right now i want to go straight to nbc news justice correspondent, pete willi
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